Wendy J.N. Lee

Film Writer/Director

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A Feature Screenplay by Wendy J.N. Lee

Logline: Three rebellious teenage girls with a taste for vigilante justice search for buried treasure to save their town forest from being demolished. 

Brief Synopsis: On the brink of juvie after heisting and freeing all the fish from the town market, best friends Alexis, Boots, and Madison swear a pact to get through Summer break without breaking any more rules... Until their town mayor announces the demolition of the local forest to make way for the state's largest car dealership. Desperate to save the beloved forest at all costs, the girls are bestowed a secret treasure map by an old librarian, whose family has guarded its secret for three hundred years. Risking their futures, they sneak out in the dead of night along with Boots' eleven year old brother Linus, and embark on a journey that will change them -- and the town -- forever. 

Genre: A coming-of-age indie/adventure story harking to Stand by Me and The Goonies