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PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey

A Feature Documentary Film 

Executive Produced by Michelle Yeoh
Narrated by Daryl Hannah
Featuring Aamir Khan, The Gyalwang Drukpa
Produced & Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee

  • Winner of 10 International Awards (including 3 Audience Awards, Best Cinematography, and Director's Choice Award)
  • Official Selection at 33+ Film Festivals 

"This adventure film/environmental documentary is as compelling as it is inspirational… Even the most dedicated couch potatoes may find themselves spurred into action by Wendy J.N. Lee's documentary…"

-Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter 

"I never like to read or watch anything twice, but this adventure doc I could watch over and over." 

-Beverly Questad, It's Just Movies

 Official Poster for "PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey"

Official Poster for "PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey"

"PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey" Trailer 

 Artist Pilar Díaz from "Ilegal En Estyle" Music Video

Artist Pilar Díaz from "Ilegal En Estyle" Music Video

Ilegal en Estyle

Music Video - Indie/Rock
Aired on MTV Networks

Artist: Maria del Pilar
Compositor: Johannes Gamble
Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee

"Ilegal En Estyle" has become an anthem for immigration policy protests. 


"Ilegal En Estyle" Music Video

 From the set of "Three Times Me," Viceroy Hotel SM

From the set of "Three Times Me," Viceroy Hotel SM

Three Times me

Short Film / Fiction
4 minutes

Written & Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee
Cinematographer: Jay Visit

  • Sponsored by Banana Republic, Vanity Fair, and NBC/Universal
  • Official Selection of 44 film festivals
  • Grand Jury Prize Winner, Red Rock FF
  • Selection of Spotlight Cinema 2014 for screening in 100 movie theaters 

"Three Times Me," a short film by Wendy J.N. Lee

 Fox Searchlight's  Once

Fox Searchlight's Once


Music Video
Low Budget/Promotional

Fox Searchlight
Artist: Glen Hansard
Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee


  • As seen in Fox Searchlight's "Once" Special Features
  • Over 180,000 views online
  • Winner of USC School of Cinematic Arts competition





"When I Get Smart" - Comedy Music Video
Artist: Jeff Richards (Saturday Night Live cast)
Album: Rain Makes Me Wet
Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee
Huffington Post comments on the album/music video

"Skim's Crib" - Branded Content / Documentary-style Commercial
3 minutes
An episode of 'Digital Cribs,' Cisco Systems and Ogilvy & Mather
Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee

"What Does It Feel Like to Be in Love?"
3 minutes
Fox Searchlight's "Once"  - Promotional / Viral 
Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee
*Over 1 million views & 2000 comments 

"i love you" 
Skateboarding Video
After two skateboards fall in love, a kid hijacks one of them for a ride around LA while the other tries to chase him down. 
Co-written/directed by Wendy J.N. Lee

A humorous documentary about overcoming fear of dentists
26 minutes / Mixed medium - 16mm film and digital
A USC 547 Advanced Project
Mentor: Mark Harris
Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee

A magical realism short film
5 minutes / 16mm film
Written & Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee
Premiered at VC Los Angeles Asian-American Film Festival

"The Moon Rapresents My Haert" - Karaoke Video / Spoof
3 minutes
A Chinese-Mandarin karaoke video used in the feature film, "A Leading Man" (Dir. Steven Kung / Distributor Mance Media 2014)
Directed by Wendy J.N. Lee
password: wjnlee

Jarret T. Barrios
A documentary short about openly gay representative, Jarrett T. Barrios
5 minutes / Digital
Produced for The Victory Fund
Co-directed by Wendy J.N. Lee

A fundraising video about the young monks of Bairoling monastery in Nepal
5 minutes / Digital
Directed & Shot by Wendy J.N. Lee

PSA's for Drukpa Charitable Foundation
A series of short PSA's featuring Tracii Guns (Guns n' Roses) and other musicians