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Editing Samples

Note:  All content in "Film Directing Samples" was edited by Wendy J.N. Lee and is an intended reference. 

This page features additional editing samples.

"The Report"
Coca-Cola / USC Special Projects
Dir. John Thompson
Edited by Wendy J.N. Lee

*Private upload
*The dialogue is off sync for style purposes





Music Video
"Two Become One"
Artist: The Lady Crooners
Dir. Michael Greischar
Editing & Color by Wendy J.N. Lee


Music Video
"After Party Conversations"
Artist: The Jump Offs
Dir. Christopher Makoto Yogi
Co-Edited by Wendy J.N. Lee









Stylized Documentary Short 
"Sell It to the Hedge Funds"
3 minutes
Dir. Haven Pell
Edited by Wendy J.N. Lee


Short Film / Fiction 
[Shown is the teaser for the film]
"Layover, on the Shore"
25 minutes
Dir. Christopher Makoto Yogi
Edited by Wendy J.N. Lee

Best Short Film at Big Island Film Festival
Premiered at Hawaii Int'll Film Festival


30 min
Dir. Derek Boonstra
Co-Edited by Wendy J.N. Lee
(Seen is the intro sequence only,
complete film available on request)


Music Video
"Cotobato City"
Artist: Electric Kunlintang
Dir. Karen Lin
Edited by Wendy J.N. Lee


Feature Documentary
"Crazy Wisdom"
Dir. Johanna Demetrakas
Assistant Editor, Titles & Graphics by Wendy J.N. Lee



More samples are available on request.